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"Lactation visits are a bargain when you consider the cost of not breastfeeding. Your baby is worth the investment."  Pat Lindsey, IBCLC


  Mom breastfeeding in park

"You have been and continue to be priceless to me and my family.  I have struggled with breast feeding problems for almost 8 years now.I thought that with my PCOS and breast anatomy that breast feeding would be nearly impossible. But I decided to give it one last try. I tried to breast feed my now 7 year old and quit after 1 week. I tried to breast feed my now 2 year old and quit after 2 weeks. And then a 3rd attempt was made with my now 1 year old and again quit after only less than 2 weeks. So when I had my fourth baby now 4 weeks old I was determined to breast feed no matter what I had to do. And again like times before it was not looking good. My pediatricians office gave me your number. They referred me to you initially for a low milk supply problem. But after talking with you we found out that was not all it was. You gave me hope real hope for the first time in 8 years that breast feeding is something that I could do. So after buying the More Milk  Special Blend I tried it out. And you were spot on it helped me produce more breast milk than I had ever in the past. Your thoughts and knowledge helped me come out of a "dark" breast feeding rut. You have been such a blessing to me. You always answer your phone promptly when I call. And you are always on top of my questions. You gave me the mental support that I needed. Every lactation consultant that I had talked to before you gave me no hope. But you were the final one that I called and you were the only one I really needed to begin with. I am so happy to have you be a support person to me. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you so very much for being a great and caring woman. You are a true blessing to me."
Jennifer P


"I am the mother of four and have nursed my each of my first three children until they were 20-24 months so I thought I was a pro at breastfeeding.  Then with the birth of my fourth child, within two weeks my milk supply had completely diminished and my baby was losing weight.  So much so that we ended up in the hospital to monitor him and to make sure that he was getting adequate nourishment.  Nothing is more unsettling than to see your two week old baby lying in a hospital crib with IV lines, etc.  I was worried, feeling guilty as though this were my fault somehow, and concerned that I wouldn't get to enjoy breastfeeding my fourth and possibly my last baby.  Then, I met Stacy and she was there for me every step of the way.  Teaching me the basics of breastfeeding all over again, counseling and reassuring me that I could get my milk supply back.  I can't thank her enough for getting me through all of that.  She taught me various tricks to increase my supply as well as supplements and prescriptions I could try.  But her willingness to comfort me and to help diminish my fears was what truly got me through this difficult time.  So if you are new at breastfeeding or this is your fourth child, breastfeeding can be a challenge and when it is Stacy will do her best to get you through it.  I am forever grateful for the gift she gave back to me and that is the beautiful breastfeeding relationship with my precious baby.  Thank you Stacy!!"
Tracey S.

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Stacy. I'm a "BFAR Mom" (Breastfeeding After Reduction Surgery) and I had a home consult with her 4 days after the birth of my first child. I highly recommend doing the home consult with Stacy, as she spent well over 2 hours working with me and my newborn daughter. Not only did she review feeding, pumping and herbal treatments, but she was an incredibly knowledgeable resource, referencing many books and medical studies. She left none of my MANY questions unanswered! I've worked with her for over 2 months now, and she has answered every phone call and email immediately and with such caring and professional information. Whenever I feel frustrated or "down" about my low milk production, Stacy always has the most caring and uplifting things to tell me, and unlike many lactation consultants, she understands "when enough is enough". In working with her, I've increased my milk production by many ounces! She is an amazingly caring person and loving mother, and her concern is truly always "what feels and works best for the baby AND the Mom". With Stacy, I not only learned how to meet my newborn's nutritional needs, I also learned how to meet her nursing needs." Laurel D.

"I can't thank you enough for what you did for us!!! You were a ray of light when all seemed hopeless. You have certainly found your calling in life."  Dana L.

"After struggling with breastfeeding for over 3 months, I was ready to give up.  I truly believe that if I did not have Stacy come to my home for a consultation, I would have stopped that day.  She provided the much needed encouragement and professional advice that allowed me to continue.  Stacy remained an invaluable resource after that visit and I am happy to say that I not only made my one year goal, but ended up nursing my son for 16 months!  Stacy is a compassionate professional and I am so grateful to have found her." Julie R.

"Thank you for all your help and advice that you have given me. Because of all the things you have shared with me, I became more knowledgeable about breastfeeding.  You have helped encourage my husband not to give up..believe me, as frustrated as I was, I would have given up...but you gave my husband and me hope. No words can describe how I feel now that I am breastfeeding.It's been a wonderful experience and we've been bonding more.  Breastfeeding is truly a blessing!   Keep doing what you're doing..your kind words, your follow ups, your listening ability, your patience, your patient teaching is what helps mothers like me. Thank you Stacy!" Rowena P.